7 Steps to a Flatter Stomach and a Healthier Life

Choose a Healthy Diet

Improving diet is another effective way to reduce belly fat in adults over 50. A diet high in whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins can help reduce the risk of health problems and promote weight loss.

Portion Control

While eating healthy snacks might be good for us, it s of the utmost importance to control portions. Yes, almonds are a great snack, but a handful should do the trick. It s easy to grab a container and then end up eating half a cup

Limit Alcohol Consumption

While occasional alcohol use is OK, binge drinking may result in abdominal obesity. Alcohol use may increase calorie intake and aggravate inflammation, which might result in weight gain.

Exercise Regularly

We all know how important staying physically active is for everyone, irrespective of age. For adults over 50, it becomes increasingly important to focus on exercise/physical activity to reduce belly fat

Reduce Stress

It s easier said than done, but not impossible. Learn stress management techniques, get outside in nature more, practice deep breathing exercises, pet a puppy, and say no to unnecessary drama.

Stop nighttime bingeing

Many of us gorge on unhealthy meals and eat at night, which is the worst. We mindlessly grab cookies or chips while watching TV or on our phones on the sofa or in bed.

Control emotional eating

Unfortunately, some of the strongest food cravings we have are when we are emotional, whether it be because of loneliness, a break up, job loss or any other stressful time in our lives.