8 Best exotic pets anyone can own In 2024

A salty sea animal like an octopus can add some unique fun to your tank. Just make sure that your tank is the right size and has enough live rock, sand, and a bright light to look like their natural environment.


It's important to note that tarantulas aren't for everyone who wants an unusual pet. But these eight-legged bugs don't need much care and live for 10 to 15 years, which is why many people like them.


Wallaroos are middle-range marsupials that are very busy and curious. They are between a kangaroo and a wallaby. In most states, but not all, these strange animals can't be kept as pets. Because these rules can change.


Serval cats are unique, energetic wild cats that may weigh 40 pounds. They have unique demands and vary from domesticated cats. Since they require room to run, swim, hunt, and climb, they're not ideal pets for most houses.

Serval Cats

Due to the fact that they have lengthy tongues that are capable of capturing around 35,000 ants at any one time, they are considered to be one of the most peculiar pets that have ever been kept.


If you want a dangerous pet that will give you all the thrills, an anaconda might be the best choice for you. If these snakes are kept as pets and grown properly, they can be calm animals.


Kangaroos aren't typical pets since they're wary of people. Additionally, several U.S. states make it unlawful to own one, which makes sense. In addition to requiring enough space for grazing, running, and jumping.


Leopard geckos, which are sometimes called "beginner reptiles," are one of the most colorful animals that are easy to care for compared to other lizards.

Leopard gecko