9 Major reasons why dogs are better than cats

Man s best friend

Dogs are always loyal. Cats can be friends when they wish. For 30,000 years, humans have co-dependently lived with dogs, thus the term man s best friend . More recently domesticated cats would likely be OK without humans.

Dogs keep us fit

Dogs need regular exercise. Whether your dog is a Springer Spaniel or a French Bulldog, you must walk it daily. Some dogs will gallop for hours with a bike or horse riders, while others are content with a park walk.

The variety of dogs

There are several cat breeds, but the Chihuaha to the Great Dane dwarfs the Singapura and Maine Coon. Cats have a similar form. However, you may ask whether a Shih Tzu is a Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Guide dogs

Need we say more? Blind persons may live independently with dogs. They may assist owners walk straight, stop at curbs, traffic signals, and stairs, and navigate new places. This mobility may boost independence.

A willing playmate

Cats tend to get bored with playtime. They'll tolerate it, even humor you by seeming to enjoy it for a while, but then they turn their tails and strut off. Dogs on the other hand adore playing.

Dogs smell out trouble

Due to their keen sense of smell, dogs spend most of their brainpower deciphering what they smell. They learn to spot narcotics, bombs, and catastrophe scenes with training. Although cats have millions of sensory receptor sites in their nasal cavity.

Their bathroom is outside

However clean a cat is, a litter pan is an open toilet, and dog lovers prefer our canines to do their business outdoors. As a puppy, they may require potty training, and you must clean up after them, but not in the kitchen.

Dogs boost your dating skills

Several studies have shown that dogs improve your chances of finding a partner. Owning a dog makes people appear more responsible and empathetic, while women are more likely to click on men with dogs on dating sites than those without.

Dogs improve your social life

All pets aid lonely people, but dogs go beyond merely being comforting. They also promote socialization. Walking with a dog leads to more impromptu interactions, particularly with strangers, than walking alone.